Immigration queries

What is the fastest & practicable route (other than marrying a US citizen) to immigrating to the US?   H-1B via employer route:  You arrive here on a student visa (F-1) and then get a work permit and then get an H-1B (6 years non immigrant work visa) and then make your employer apply for


There are limited internship opportunities available to international students, but they do exist and are well worth pursuing because they pay better than RA/TAship and also improve your overall profile. The reason for writing this point was to make sure that students are aware of the limitations and not take rejection from a few employers


After completion of your degree, can you serve your time in any other country outside of the US or does it have to be specifically your home country?   Answer by Umar: There are two parties: the US govt and the Pakistan govt. For a masters student, there is no hard-binding guarantee (as is the

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