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NUST supports 500 new students every year through scholarship funds. We want to facilitate NUST alumni in the US to contribute back to NUST in this noble cause and support the broader alumni community in a streamlined manner through NUSTIAN, a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization. This will contribute towards NUST alumni outreach efforts as well as help increase our collective impact as NUST alumni based in the US.

Some of the benefits of contributing via NUSTIAN include:

  • Donations made via NUSTIAN are eligible for tax deductions as per IRS USA Laws. An actual deduction may vary based on your tax bracket and whether you are requesting standardized vs. itemized deductions.  
  • We are registering NUSTIAN for donation matching at leading companies that offer such programs. You can significantly increase the impact of your contributions by requesting a gift match from your employer through such programs. You may also request your employer to recognize NUSTIAN for donation match if applicable. Please reach out to [email protected] for details.

We provide two options for you to contribute to the fundraiser and make an impact. These options can be selected from the drop-down menu ‘(Optional) Use this donation for’ at the time of donating via our website https://nustianusa.org/. You will see the DONATE button at the top.

1. Zakat Donations (Eligible NUST Students)

These donations are used for supporting the education of Zakat-eligible NUST students. The disbursement of funds and assessment of eligibility is carried out by NUST (details provided in the next FAQs).

2. Scholarship and Endowment Fund Donations

These donations are used for supporting the education of NUST students that need partial or full financial assistance. The contributions may be given to the students directly or contributed towards an endowment fund to support students on an ongoing basis.

We support a number of payment options including online and offline when making contributions through NUSTIAN fundraiser.

Website: You can pay online via PayPal or Credit / Debit card when donating via our website https://nustianusa.org/. You will see the DONATE button at the top.

  • You can also choose to make your donations recurring on a monthly basis
  • The receipts will be sent to you automatically at the time of donation.

Checks: If you want to make contributions via checks, you can use the following information:

  • Make the checks payable to NUSTIAN
  • Mail the checks to:
    • c/o Waqas Rehman
    • 16934 W Marconi Avenue Surprise, 85388, AZ
    • Please mention on the check if the amount is for Zakat or Donation

Bank Transfer:

  • Bank name: Wells Fargo
  • Account name: NUSTIAN
  • Account number: 6013915647
  • For Direct Deposit use Routing Number (RTN): 122105278
  • For Wire Transfers use Routing Number (RTN): 121000248

Proper collection and disbursement of Zakat fund is an important responsibility. To support donors in fulfilling their Zakat obligations, NUST has established a completely shariah compliant based module at NUST. Besides having a separate zakat collection account, our shariah advisor sits in every interview to determine the Zakat eligibility of the students. In addition to the interviews, NUST also undertakes 100% ground check of the students to ensure that the fund is being disbursed to the most deserving students.

An important point to highlight here is that NUST collects zakat on behalf of these students as a waqeel, and not as an institution. We, therefore, ensure that the funds are disbursed to these students alone, and thus have operational headers attached to the program.


Your donations to NUSTIAN are eligible for donation/gift matching programs offered by your employer as we are a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization. If your employer offers a match, the amount matched by your employer will be counted towards general Scholarship donations as part of this fundraiser.

Note that only your direct Zakat donations can go towards fulfilling your Zakat obligations. Whereas the amount matched by your employer will be counted towards general Scholarship donations which can be used to help students including, but not limited to Zakat eligible students.

More information about the employer-gift matching process is also available in this document: Employer Gift Matching Process

If your company offers a donation matching program however NUSTIAN is not available as one of the options, you may also request your employer to recognize NUSTIAN for donation matching. Please reach out to [email protected] for details.

you can donate either through Zakat or other options.

$50 – HELP pay one month’s hostel rent

$110 – SPONSOR one-month boarding and lodging for a deserving student

$1,500 – GIFT one whole year’s tuition fee to a brilliant student

$6,000 – ADOPT an undergraduate scholar for an entire degree

$21,000 – ESTABLISH a permanent endowment seat in your name for the perpetual impact

NUSTIAN as a nonprofit 501C3 organization registered in the USA has signed an MoU with NUST Pakistan where all funds (Zakat and General Scholarship funds) are transferred to NUST Foreign currency account in Pakistan.
NUST UAO coordinates with the US chapter for this disbursement. Zakat is dispersed through NUST’s Need-Based Scholarship (NNBS) program which is a Shariah-compliant certified program.
Non-Zakat funds are invested in the NUST Endowment for Educational Development (NEED) program of NUST University Advancement Office (UAO). NUSTIAN USA Chapter focuses on creating a permanent scholarship for every $20k raised with its investment in the endowment.

Nustian should use Adhoc zakat or non-zakat donations to donate money for scholarships of eligible students at NUST. These requests typically come to alumni’s attention via Nust & Nustian social media channels or via word of mouth. While donating, clearly mention the name student you would like to help. If a student’s name is not available then after donating, email a screenshot of the “Adhoc Donation” message to [email protected] along with details of the amount you have donated.

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