Our mission as an organization derives directly from our vision

1. Sponsoring the future: Create an endowment fund to arrange scholarships for talented NUST students in Pakistan as well as those pursuing graduate studies in the USA.
2. Academic Outreach and Future Technologies: Coordinate between Academia in the USA and NUST researchers in the area of current and future technologies through think-tanks.
3. Industrial Outreach and Entrepreneurship: Help young entrepreneurs (nustians) scaling up their startups by involving Pakistani diaspora in the USA with a special focus on our alum in the high tech industry.
4. Engagement: Build a spirit of active and creative social engagement, commitment and financial support for NUST alumni in the USA.
5. Developing Leaders: Provide mentorship opportunities to younger NUST professionals in the USA by connecting them with the right professionals in their chosen field.
6. Stronger Together: Create stronger ties amongst NUST alumni and enhance ties with the external organizations
7. Community and Social Impact: Leverage the success of individual members for the betterment of local, regional and global NUST community.