Deat NUSTIAN Members,

It gives us immense pleasure to share that we are now a community of 1000+ members spread over all major cities in the U.S. Our organization is named NUST United States Technology, Industry & Academic Network (NUSTIAN). It was registered as a nonprofit organization in Arizona, USA, and received Tax Exempt Status 501(c)(3) from Internal Revenue Services (IRS) in 2018. Since 2020 NUSTIAN USA has registered in a total of 30 states.

NUSTIAN USA conducted its first elections in Dec 2020, and the new Board of Directors and Executive Council started its tenure on July 4th, 2021. Both teams comprise volunteer alums residing in the USA. These teams and their details are shared later on this page.

We want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank our donors, whose constant support helped us with the legal and registration fees. This process would not have been possible without their help, and we sincerely appreciate their generosity.

Register today to be added to any of our online groups or send an email to [email protected] if you are already registered and would like to join more groups

Regional Whatsapp Groups for Official Communication

NorthEast-NUSTIAN (NY, NJ, PA, and adjacent states)
Pacific NW- NUSTIAN (WA, OR, CO, and adjacent states)
SouthEast-NUSTIAN (GA, FL, TN, and adjacent states)
SouthWest -NUSTIAN (TX, AZ, NM adjacent states)
MidWest -NUSTIAN (Chicago, IL, MI, and adjacent states)
Silicon Valley – NUSTIAN (SF, Bay area and surrounding)
SoCal-NUSTIAN (LAX and Surrounding)
NUSTIAN Girls (Exclusive group for NUSTIAN Alumnae)

Interest-Based Whatsapp Groups

Mentorship/Coaching Forums
    1. Coaches Forum for NUST Pakistan Students
    2. F1/OPT/H1/GC Discussion 
    3. Health Club
Specialized Technology Forums
    1. Semiconductor Professionals Group
    2. DS/ML/AI/CV/HPC
    3. Quantum Computing group
    4. Cyber Security Professionals
    5. Telecommunication Professional Group
    6. MBA NUSTIAN group
    7. Civil Engineer/EPC Networks
    8. Product Management
    9. ERP-SAP/Oracle
    10. Design Thinking
    11. NUST Entrepreneurs US-Canada
    12. Cyber Security
    13. Telecom NUSTIAN USA
    14. Mechanical Engineering
    15. Automotives Group
Investments Groups
    1. Stock Investments
    2. Real-estate investment ideas
    3. Options Trading
    4. Crypto Currency World
Chat Groups
    1. Café NUSTIAN