• What is the fastest & practicable route (other than marrying a US citizen) to immigrating to the US?


  1. H-1B via employer route: 

You arrive here on a student visa (F-1) and then get a work permit and then get an H-1B (6 years non immigrant work visa) and then make your employer apply for the green card

    • Or an employer can give you a job and apply for your H-1B while you are in another country. That can also happen
    • For managerial level positions they can directly apply for your green card as well while you are outside the country
  1. Green card via PhD route: National Interest Waiver Program (Link to gov website)
    • For this route you need good publications in reputable journals, preferably as first author, and receive independent citations for your publication. Note that this requirement focus on quality vs quantity. Citations are received for quality work. 
    • Patents are also helpful. Become involved in a research project that has the potential to be patented or invent something on your own.
    • Both your PhD research and your research internships can be great opportunities to produce quality work. 
    • This process (getting quality publications/patents) will take years to complete so this target should be kept in mind from the beginning of your doctoral program.
    • You will apply for your Green Card somewhere around the end of your PhD program when you have enough to show on your CV.
    • Hiring a lawyer for the process is helpful.