• After completion of your degree, can you serve your time in any other country outside of the US or does it have to be specifically your home country?


Answer by Umar: There are two parties: the US govt and the Pakistan govt. For a masters student, there is no hard-binding guarantee (as is the case with Ph.D. students who have to present property of the amount of scholarship which can be sold in case of abandoning) and so even if you don’t come back no one can enforce. So Pakistan govt is not a big issue for masters students. And as for the US govt, you can just apply for the waiver, and most times you should be able to get i.. 

Answer by Arsalan: The time has to be specified in the home country. It cannot be served in any other country.


  • How likely it is that an employer will take you onboard in the US and get your bond rescinded by honoring its terms?


Answer by Arsalan: I know of someone on Fulbright who had an employer willing to work on getting the bond rescinded, but eventually he also had to get back to Pakistan and fulfil the 2-year residency requirement.