Application Process

Which Session is best to start the admission process in the US? Which Session is best to seek funding Fall or Spring? Fall. For Phd it depends on whenever funding is made available so you have to be more constantly proactive. However, some universities only accept admissions to PhD in Fall cycle especially for international


What's a good score? Below a IELTS band 6 is considered a fail. Which English Language testing TOEFL-IBT or  IELTS is better to get admission and TA/RA position in GRAD Schools? Look at the particular university and program’s website. Relevant blogs usually have updated information. For example, at the University of Minnesota, a TOEFL score


Webinar by NUSTIAN USA: GRE Panel Discussion Webinar by NUSTIAN USA: Roadmap to GRE About GRE & Tips GRE exam duration is about 3 hrs and 45 minutes and is conducted by See the test structure at: See, how test is scored. Generally, the test has two main components Quantitative - Math type

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