Webinar by NUSTIAN USA: GRE Panel Discussion

Webinar by NUSTIAN USA: Roadmap to GRE

  1. About GRE & Tips
    • GRE exam duration is about 3 hrs and 45 minutes and is conducted by ets.org
    • See the test structure at: https://www.ets.org/gre/institutions/about/general/structure/
    • See, how test is scored. Generally, the test has two main components
      • Quantitative – Math type questions
      • Verbal – Verbal assessment
    • Check Free GRE Practice Mock Tests
    • Before you begin preparing for the GRE exam, it is recommended that you take one of the free mock tests. Closest to the original one is ETS’s own free mock test, so that might be a good choice. However, remember to schedule these free mock tests such that you have one ETS mock test (out of 2 free mock tests that ETS provides) available to take two weeks before the exam.
    • First mock test will enable you to assess which areas need the most attention. Throughout your preparation, winning strategy is to Identify your strengths and weaknesses, work more on weaknesses and work towards a target score
      • e.g you could be very good at Statistics related questions but not so much on Geometry. That suggests you to distribute time such that Geometry gets more attention. If you use this approach, as you take another mock test (say after 2 weeks of preparation), you will note the change in your scores in Geometry.
  2. What’s a good score? The difference in score for Engineering, CS or Data Science?
    • Below  310 is mostly unacceptable for engineering graduates. However, each university has their own standard/average GRE score needed. 330/340 is considered a “perfect” score as scoring above it is very rare.For Engineering, CS programs Quant score carry more weightage than Verbal scores. So, the breakup of the scores is also important
  3. How much GRE score is required in order to score a fully funded position MS/PhD?
    • It depends on the particular program and the institute. Check out https://yocket.in/ for analytics of scores of profiles of selected students.
  4. Special note on PHD:
    • An established Professor has made it very clear that it doesn’t matter whether you have DEng or PhD for any academic career. “A doctorate is a doctorate. No one cares about the exact official name of the doctorate degree”.
      • Would it be possible to move into academia with DEng/Phd since I am getting so far that both are considered equal in terms of level of degree?
        • YES
  5. What’s the GRE cutoff for high and low ranked universities in the US?
    • It depends on specific requirement of each university. For general trends, see answer to Q2 above.
  6. Applying without GRE?
    • UMKC doesn’t require GRE for Nustians w/ GPA > 3.0

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