• Which Session is best to start the admission process in the US?
  • Which Session is best to seek funding Fall or Spring?

Fall. For Phd it depends on whenever funding is made available so you have to be more constantly proactive. However, some universities only accept admissions to PhD in Fall cycle especially for international students.

Contacting Professors

  • How to develop networking and contact a Professor?

Answer by Arsalan: The best way is to get a (good) publication in a good conference. It is easier to start a discussion with a professor in one’s area and one can start a discussion on email as well. It is also good to have a reasonable online presence.
Online presence : Github profile,StackOverflow profile/ strong profile on relevant websites


  • How to properly tailor email and initiate contact to a Professor and Graduate Coordinator?

  • How to properly tailor CV/Resume and match research with the faculty?
  • What is the best way to contact a Professor for PhD if you don’t have a publication, but have lab experience?

Direct Admissions

  • How to prepare your application package for “Direct Admissions” and use online university portals?


Answer by Arsalan: The application package requirements usually vary from one university to the other (and is mentioned on the university’s website). Generally, it contains the following documents. (Mentors please add if I am missing any)

  • Statement of Purpose
  • GRE
  • Degree (preferably HEC attested, but it varies where one is applying)
  • Transcripts (preferably HEC attested, but it varies where one is applying)
  • Research Statement (not required by all universities.)