• Maria Riaz – VP Alumnae



A strong and collaborative technical leader with hands-on experience in software development, engineering, education and training. Currently focused on providing solutions for platform abuse, user privacy, trust and security for Google products. Passionate and driven to help teams and individuals achieve their potential in educational and professional pursuits.


  • Raheel Bodla – VP Industrial Coordination



Professional with strong Business Management experience. Currently in a Sales role as an Account Manager /Program Manager of a startup supplier company inside Tesla Factory. In previous role at Tesla, led Purchasing Supply Chain Management of a $250M program for model X assembly line.




  • Rashed Zafar Bhatti – VP Academic Outreach and Research



Dr. Rashed Bhatti graduated in 1994 from College of E&ME, he did his masters and Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from University of Southern California (USC). He started his research collaboration with IBM in the field of Super Computer design while he was at his grad school. Later, as an Adjunct Professor, he taught VLSI subjects at USC for three years before he joined IBM Research as full-time.


At IBM Research, Dr. Bhatti’s co-architected first of its kind massively parallel petaflops and exascale supercomputers. Ever since then he collected many academic and corporate accolades. He is a founding member and VP Academics outreach of NUSTIAN and an active member of Bay Area Pakistani community of professionals and political organizations.


Dr. Rashed Bhatti is currently working as Senior Computer Engineer at IBM. Leading a team of data scientists, he is currently focused to further the IBM Watson and Cloud Platform business through advanced digital customer behavior and predictive analytics with the modern AI and ML techniques.


His specializations in both computer hardware and software, from the most basic unit of semiconductor devices to the advanced massively parallel microarchitectures and high-performance software stacks for big data and real-time computing, makes him a man of extraordinarily rare scientific skills. He has extensive experience and deep expertise in cognitive solutions, big data technologies, security and privacy of data, and distributed computing. Dr. Bhatti’s innovations and team efforts enabled many cutting-edge systems which are currently operational in IBM’s client Fortune 50 companies.


  • Muzna Jamil Mallal – AVP Industrial Outreach and Alumnae Coordination
  • Sundas Zahra – Manager, Social Media Team