Shiraz Bashir (President)

A forward-thinking, results-driven Agile PM with domestic and global expertise in portfolio management, product, program management, Lean Six Sigma methodologies, Scaled Agile frameworks, PMO administration, organizational development, change acceleration processing, user-centered design, budgeting, hardware and software architecture, IoT, Big Data, Data Science, Analytics, team training and mentoring, product ownership, and R&D prioritization.  Possesses a proven track record of managing and leading cross-functional, cross-divisional, and international projects and teams. Strong background in building teams to commercialize projects in healthcare, transportation, aviation, and oil and gas.  A dedicated and adaptable leader who facilitates effective planning, analysis, and collaboration to achieve key objective.


Tehmoor Dar – SVP and Secretary General

Tehmoor is a Senior Design Engineer MEMS for Test and Modeling at NXP. He is a recipient of H.G Rylander Mechanical Engineering Excellence Teaching Fellow in 2010. He is an innovator of a new testing techniques for MEMS sensors called No-Physical Stimulus. He has several Patents and Publications in this area. His previous doctoral work at University of Texas, Austin includes Vehicle-Terrain parameter estimation for robotic tracked vehicles using modern controlling techniques. He is still working with research team and mentoring young researchers at his alma mater. Currently he is developing and introducing MCU based low cost test platforms for MEMS sensors.


Sohaib Haider – VP Treasurer

Highly skilled strategy and operations professional with a passion for growing and improving technology enabled businesses. In my pre-MBA life I was a subject matter expert in developing and implementing performance improvement and business expansion strategies through analyses of consumers’ data and worked in telecommunications industries of four different countries. Currently I am responsible for go-to-market strategy, pricing, and for platform monetization for a late stage IoT based biotech startup.


Ahsan Rehman – VP Coordination

A dynamic and result-focused professional with a passion for identifying and solving problems, while proficient in a variety of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytic techniques. I am actively working on multiple projects in the Data Science, Analytics, Algorithm Research and Optimization field. A dedicated and adaptable team member who facilitates effective planning, analysis, and collaboration to achieve key objectives.